“Neil did a great job editing a track for The Road Hammers, fast, and professional.” -Jason McCoy (The Road Hammers)

“Neil’s quality of work is the difference of making something go from good to amazing. He has been the key to getting my songs to that next level including 2 national music awards, radio and television.” -Alex Tobin

“I’ve worked with many talented musicians, engineers and producers, but no one comes close to the talent and professionalism of Neil. His attention to the details is second to none and he’s one of the only people I trust with my client projects. Do your music a favor and choose Neil Devereaux.” -David Glenn Kulp (World renowned producer & mix engineer)

“I have worked with many engineers and producers over the years and Neil Devereaux is one of the best I’ve had the honour to work with. As a vocalist it’s important to be on your A game in the studio, in my experience Neil pushes you to do just that and helps get the best out of you. I would suggest him to any musician looking to record” -Brian John Harwood (Kansas Stone)

Neil mastered 2 tracks for me. In the process I learned some of the faults in my mixes and corrected them. If as a mastering engineer you can help others become better as mixers you’re doing it right. The songs required a quick turn around and Neil was the point man. He knocked it outta the park!!” -Daniel Brandon Allen (Indian Handcrafts, Colonizor)

“Neil was a pleasure to work with in the studio. He was encouraging, gave me terrific insights on my performance while recording drum and vocal parts, and pushed me in ways I otherwise wouldn’t have. The best part is that the end result was amazing!!” -Neil LaFortune (Session player, Alex Tobin)

Neil mastered a song that I had recorded and mixed. During the mastering process he offered advice on my mix that really helped bring it to the next level. He’s professional, courteous and motivational. An overall pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Neil for your next project. -Core Bee (Heavy Petter)

“Neil recorded and produced my solo album, as well as played drums and guitar on it. You can’t get more with at this quality from anywhere else. Neil is the best!”-Lauren Spike (Spike, The House of Haunt)

“Neil has a natural ability to understand the musical sound and feel you’re striving to achieve. Having been sent nothing but rudimentary tracks, he was able to breathe warmth and depth into the final mix to remotely achieve the sound we were aiming for. I can’t thank Neil enough for his talented, timely and unprecedented efforts!-Ali Kat (The Dirty Dames)

“When we went to record our album, the only engineer that stood out was Neil Devereaux. He knows his craft extremely well, has amazing insight into music, making the work that much more fulfilling and fun. He really pushed me to be a better musician all around. He’s Great!!!!” -Myke Caouette (Like Animals)

Working with Neil was SO sick, he helped me get the SICKEST pinch harmonics out of my guitar. It was so tight. And we ate the most gnar burgs ever, hell, he introduced me to Kenzingtons. 10/10 would work with Neil and Dexter again. -Jamie Haffenden (Like Animals)

“Neil Devereaux is an extraordinary recording engineer with the ability to record and mix tracks unlike anyone I have ever worked with. He takes the time to ensure all instruments are perfectly tuned for each and every take, and his precise positioning of microphones around the drum set allows for the perfect drum mix. Neil does not rush these works of art. A combination of careful mixing and his very-fine-tuned ear, allow for any track, whether complex or basic, to come to life in an awe-inspiring way. There has never been a point where I thought any of his work was half-assed or lacked the quality I desired in my recordings. As long as I am writing and recording music, I will continue to collaborate with Neil.” -Dustin Liikane (Gallavance)

“I met Neil while playing a show in 2010 and have since recorded with him 4 times. The man knows his shit and legitimately wants you to sound amazing… probably more than you even do. He’s pushed me musically more than anyone ever has and I’m better for it. He even helped score a feature film I worked on. He’s an outstanding recording engineer, producer, and friend. Look at it this way… He’s the only recording engineer I’d repeatedly drive 3 hours north to work with and i recommend him to every band i run into. Trust me. You want to work with Neil Devereaux.” -Rick Iafrate (Chainsaw Lobotomy)

“Neil’s experience and knowledge shows through the effort and care he puts into getting your sound just right. We had our debut EP recorded at MOJO studios, and they way it came out allowed us to leave the best possible first impression on people hearing our music for the first time.. If you want s#it done right, hire this f#cking guy.” -Molly Vaclav (Copper Crown)

“We recorded our EP with Neil in early 2016 and absolutely love way it turned out! It was our first time recording and Neil made us feel right at home. He pushed us, but never discouraged us, and overall we improved as musicians thanks to our time with him. Thanks Neil, you’re the man! ” -Mark Short (Copper Crown)

“Neil’s the kind of guy you can go to with the sound you have in your head and he’ll get that sound out of you on record. In working with Neil at his studio, you feel like you’re in your own place jamming the songs with your friends. It’s important as an artist to feel comfortable and confident so you can put out your best work. This is what Neil delivers.. The work speaks volumes for itself.. Neil’s the man.” -Shayne Fournier (Black Volga)

“Working with Neil is a great learning experience and a way to better your craft.” -Aaron Mangoff (Starved at the Root, Grey Eyes)

“I’ve known Neil for over a decade, and I have watched him gain a great deal of respect for his ability to take something plain, and turn it into something professional. I have heard him take so so bands and make them sound great. That says a lot, anyone can record and mix, but to do so in a way that elevates the perception of the client, that’s skill. DROP” -Drop Daniels

“Working with Neil was 10/10. His professionalism is an exact replica of his product, which is spectacular. I recommend Neil to anyone and everyone who want their music to sound the way they need.” -Michael Edward Smith (Labcats)

“Precise, crunching, and a sheer purification to sound. Working with Neil opened my eyes to not only his incredible music skills, but his production and final result was beyond expectations.” -Church (Church and the 13 Disciples)